1. Failure to provide development:
Even though Amethi being a VIP Gandhian constituency since 1980s there has been barely any development in the region. In 2014 General Election Rahul Gandhi found it tough to win against Smriti Irani.

2. Development module set by the current state and Central govt: Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Amit Shah and Smriti irani would announce 21 new projects worth 100cr, including roads, sanitation, government schools, industries.

3. The Smriti Irani factor:
Most of Leaders in India forget their constituency after they win , but Smriti Irani who even though lost the election from Amethi, has been a regular visitor to Amethi looking after the common Man problems and trying to work hard for them. She has developed herself as an image of hard-working ground leader.

4. The biggest split in Congress at Amethi:
Just before the rally, Mr Jang Bahadur Singh, the ex MLA of Gauriganj assembly in Amethi, left congress to Join BJP. He is considered to be a social  leader and has a good image among public.He directly accused the Congress/ Rahul Gandhi for neglecting the development of Amethi since decades. Though Mr Singh has been into all parties like BDP ,SP, Congress, this time his shift towards BJP is considered to be crucial. He praised, Shah and Smriti Irani as well as state and Central govt for their development and good governance policies.

5. The worry factor for Rahul Baba and Congress:
In 2009 Rahul has won the Ametji seat by 3.70 lakh votes, which tremendously dropped to approx 1lakh in 2014. Even the assembly elections BJP won 4 Seats in Amethi. As their important leader, Mr. Singh has left the party and also many ground workers may soon join BJP. It’s been a worrying factor for Rahul and Congress. Rahul had miserably failed to provide development for Amethi, the BJP’s development module and Leaders quitting from congress will make it very tough for Rahul to win 2019 elections from Amethi.

6. Declining vote graph of Rahul Gandhi:
Elections is all about Vote calculations. In 2009 Rahul had won 4.6lakh out of 6.4 lakh voters 71% voting, But after the entry of Smriti and Modi wave l, the scenario changed in 2014, though Rajul won the elections, his voting percentage dropped by 25%, while there has been rise in the bjp vote by 25%, There had been addition of 2.25 lakh new voters in Amethi compared to 2009 most of them youth, this graph shows rahul is not the choice of youth and new voters are not going to favour the Maai Baap sarkar of Congress Gandhi family.