Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat ally Alpesh Thakor has said that PM Modi was a “dark” person, but has become “fair” because of eating imported mushrooms worth Rs 4,00,000 a day. Speaking at a rally in Gujarat, Thakor said that PM Modi easts five mushrooms, each worth Rs 80,000, every day. 

Someone told me that what Modiji eats, you can’t eat because it’s not ‘poor people’s food’. So I asked what such food does he eat? He said he eats mushrooms. I asked what was wrong in that, mushrooms are widely available. He said that he doesn’t like the ones we eat, the ones he eats are from Taiwan and the cost of one mushroom is Rs. 80,000,” Thakor said.

Not just PM Narendra Modi, here are 10 celebs whose life changed after Eating Mushrooms.

1. Barak Obama

2. Sudheendra Kulkarni 

3. Arvind Kejriwal 

3. Steve Jobs

4. Ashutosh

5. This Crow

6. This Pig

(Note: this picture is for representation purpose and does not intend to hurt any ones religious sentiments)

7. Nawaz

8. Shilpa Shetty

9. Vidya Balan

10. Johnny Sins

11. Our Wallaah Bibi

12. PM Narendra Modi