History of the Day: Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj killed Afzal Khan Treacherous, atrocious and barbaric Afzal Khan had secretly planned to kill Chattrapati Shivaji. But, intelligent and clever Shivaji sniffed his conspiracy, and killed him instead at pratapgarh fort on Nov 10, 1659.

Avowed enemy of Maratha empire, Afzal Khan had aimed to wipe out whole Maratha empire. Even today many Afzals are bleeding India by shouting तुम कितने अफ़ज़ल मारोगे हर घर से अफ़ज़ल निकलेगा, No matter how many Afzals you execute, Afzal would be born in every household. Indians must learn from Shivaji how to eliminate today’s anti India element.

We bow down to our Chatrapathi Shivaji MahaRaj who Laid the foundation of Hindvi swaraj by eliminating many such Afzals.
Har Har Mahadev.
Jai Bhavani
Jai Shivaji

Author : Manisha Inamdar