Like blind Dhritarashtra, Congress also thought “power is their birthright.” Even if Duryodhna was incapable and incompetent to the throne of Hastinapur, he grew up with the knowledge that being the eldest prince was the qualification to be king of Hastinapur. So, even if Rahul Gandhi starts stammering at being asked a question out of syllabus, he also grew up with idea that surname of Gandhi is the only qualification to become prime minister of India. Therefore, the only goal of Dhritarashtra and Congress was to project Duryodhna as future king and Rahul Gandhi as future Prime Minister, respectively.

After completion of Pandava’s and Kaurava’s training with Guru Dronacharya, Guru had pronounced that Yudhishthira had all it takes to be a good king, be it character, military strategy, sincerity, humbleness or affection toward his subject. Guru Dronacharya’s approval for Yudhishthira to usurp the throne infuriated Duryodhna further. When India decisively elected Narendra Damodardas Modi as their Prime Minister, ego of Congress and its incompetent prince, Rahul Gandhi, got badly bruised and wounded.

Much before Mahabharata at Kurukshetra, Kauravas started a battle to finish Pandavas off, when they sent Pandavas to Lakshagraha to burn them alive. Congress party also waged a war against Hindus and Bharat at their own land when they spread lies and propaganda of ‘Hindu terrorism’ that never existed, while poor Hindus have been oppressed and persecuted since thousands years. Congress falsely arrested Assemanand Assemanand, Colonel Purohit and others to burn Hindus’ culturally tolerant identity.

Kauravas had evil and crooked adviser Shakuni to scheme against Pandavas, so do Congress has many plotters. However, Congress hired Cambridge Analytica to finish Hindus and Modi government. Shakuni advises Kauravas to give Bhim poisonous Laddus to eat. Cambridge Analytica played poisonous role to manufacture unrest in country like Gurjar agitation in Rajasthan, Jat protest in Haryana, unrest in Maharashtra. All these states are BJP ruled. British Analytica directed Congress not to leave any opportunity to spread lies, propaganda and poison, no matter if country is burned.

When Junaid was killed during a fight over seats in June 2017, propaganda was spread that Junaid was killed because of carrying beef. Students of LSR protested that a balloon filled semen was thrown at them during Holi. Later, CFSL confirmed there was no trace of semen in balloon. Recently, fake narrative of Kathua rape incident was built to shame India and Hindus the way drowning of two Shopian women was manufactured as gang rape and murder case to implicate Indian Army. This lies would also be exposed sooner or later.

Dear India, 2019 General Election is going to be ‘Dharma-yuddha.’ Don’t be confused like Arjuna. Listen to God Krishna within you as he says, “Protect Dharma, Dharma would protect you.” Stand solid by Dharma even if, lies, propaganda & fabrication would create illusion in dirtier way than ever.