A senior citizen put flower at the bank of river Godavari to worship it at Nashik. But one of the men of a group took flowers out by using net. The job of the group was to take out every floating object from river.

A teenager frowned at a senior citizen aunty, who was throwing covers of peanuts on the floor of Mumbai locals. Getting uncomfortable aunty stopped throwing peanut covers.

Two female teenagers grabbed the collar of a man who had spit red after chewing Paan at Thane station, and made him say sorry for spitting at public place.

This is how today’s generation have been reciprocating Prime Minister’s heartfelt “Clean India” campaign with great fervour and enthusiasm. It’s been 4 years when Narendra Modi launched “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” to tell people of India that clean streets and surroundings are fundamental rights of every Indian. No matter if it is slums or some posh colony. Before that clean surroundings used to be luxury of VIPs or privileged classes.

Till 67 years of our independence, we Indians, as a society, were never educated that it is our duty to keep our streets and infrastructures clean, neither we ourselves tried to learn.

India is a mighty country. Even if it was one of top ten economy, returning from a developed country to India gives a strong repelling sensation towards uncleanliness in India. Hence, the term of ‘mighty India’ is diluted in minds. Even poor countries in the world are much cleaner than India.

People’s lethargic and passive attitude towards cleanliness have turned into enthusiastic and active approach during four years after it was initiated on Oct 2, 2014.

33-year-old doctor Megha Mahajan donated Rs 45 lacs for “Clean India Campaign.” She had received this amount as an alimony from her husband post-divorce. Megha believes that Swachh Bharat Mission is an essential step in the positive direction, and has decided to write to the government regarding the project on water and clean air as well.

“Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” changed the mindset of billion Indians and inspired a responsible citizen like Megha Mahajan to donate such a huge amount of money for the cause, although she could have deposited the money for her future.

Hats off to Megha Mahajan