​1. Right from 1947 our motherland was divided on the basis of religion. Though, they got Islamic nation we didn’t get our Hindu  Rashtra. Thanks to our secular leaders who were busy appeasing Muslims, and even after Bharat being declared as land of Hindus I was never given equal rights.

2. Our universities appear to be slave in the clutches of muslims and have been glorifying most of the barbaric Muslim invaders, Akbar, Tipu Sultan, etc are said to be great while real hero’s like Shivaji and Maharanaji find only a small space in my books.

3. Most of my temples and heritage was destroyed by barbaric Muslim rulers, we still struggle to build Ram mandir. One of the muslim leader Owaisi defames our God and openly challenges 100 crore Hindus and yet we are silent wearing bangles in our wrists. Above that I find most of the muslims supporting  Owaisi, but when Kamlesh tiwari says a bitter truth about Islam suddenly all Hindus start criticizing him. This apologetic behaviour lead us to be slaves and we still behaving the same. While they enjoy Haj subsidy at the cost of taxpayers money, there are objection raised if we build a statue of our Ram in his birth place ayodhya .

4. There is only one religion of terrorism and that is Islam. Yet we Indians are busy in “Hindu Muslim ekta” and want to turn blind eyes about muslim terrorist. Terror attacks of 1992, 2001, 2002 godhra, 2008, etc all these terror attacks didn’t awaken most of us. All those attacked linked with Muslim terrorist,  but we buy a concept that the person involved is a bad muslim, at the same time we are branded as Bhagwaa Aatanki in forged cases.

5. Radical Muslims in West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, western UP, Karnataka are a blot and challange to the sovereignty of the country , needles to say about Jammu Kashmir, the land of wahabic muslim terror, Love jihad, increasing Hindu exodus from various places. But we remain silent, They can celebrate  blood full Eid , Muharram, but I am still struggling to celebrate Diwali, Holi, Govind, Dandia, ,Ganesh Utsav. Sharia laws, Muslim Personal Law etc all make me feel that I being a Hindu in India don’t enjoy equal rights. And when there is injustice the hatred within me rises for muslims.