Recently, Hindus in India seem to be targeted. Our Culture, Festivals and Rituals are dragged in court while for Non-Hindu it stays as a religious matter.

1. SC cries that it has shortage of judges and staffs to clear many pending cases. But the same court entertains worthless PILs and other cases of Bollywood to gain cheap popularity

2. While, SC has time to decide about heights of Govinda during Janmashtami, uses of crackers in Diwali, they remain silent on Bakra Eid, Muharram. Such acts give us a feeling that is the supreme court turned into Sharia Court.

3. All evidences and proofs have shown the existence of Ram temple in Ayodhya. Even the Lower bench recognised the proofs and evidences corroborating existence of Ram temple, yet the SC judges have no guts to order for constructing Ram Temple, they are only trying to postpone the situation to worsen it.

4. The same court chants about the situation of women in India, but chooses to be indecisive about triple talaqq, this gives a reason to rethink that is this a SC OR Sharia court.

5. The recent worst case: SC judgment, they find it unnecessary to stand during national anthem in movie theatres, as they keep entertainment above national anthem.

The same SC opens in the midnight to re-hear the mercy petition of a Islamic terrorist Yakut Menon responsible for killing of 250 innocent Indians.

It’s certainly time to ask Supreme Court to take other matters seriously as well, the way the deal with Hindu Festivals.