1. The leader:

Yogi Adityanath is a mass leader. He doesn’t bother to be politically correct when it matters for public welfare. Whether he is in power or out of power the leader always stands for what he believes is right for the nation, Dharma, and common citizens.

2. His Charisma:

He is among those rare leaders who dares to speak the bitter truth, and always bashes fake secularism with facts. Love jihaad, rise of communal violence only in areas of muslim majority, changing names given by barbarian muslim invaders, accepting the fact of islamic terrorism and many such sensitive issue were raised by him.

3. Accepting responsibilities:

The star campaigners of UP elections he did more than 200 rallies/ public meeting. He was able to convince the secular media that western UP had seen rise in Hindu exodus due to growing islamic crimes resulting law and order problems. Not only he pointed fingers but rose on the occasion, and accepted the challenge to be a strong CM of UP, which was really a tough job.

4. Performance as CM:

Always a hard working man who sleeps only for 4hrs, Yogi Adityanath has been a best performer as the CM of UP.

Some tough steps were taken by his govt.

  • Ban of illegal slaughter house.
  • Anti Romeo squad to protect females.
  • Increment in the power supply and moving the state towards load shedding free state.
  • More than 65% roads pot holes free Giving a free hand to UP police which gunned down 20+ hard core criminals. 

5. From Islamic state of yadav Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh: 

Once upon a time the state of UP was run by Malayan Yadav clan and Muslim appeasement was at the peak. Nepotism and casteism had ruined the states economy and cultural existence. After 19th March the Yogi sarkar has been acting very well towards the economy, law and order as well as basic facilities of the state.

Here is the state in which now a common man can feel the difference, here is a sanyasi to whom the media Pseudo Secular branded as a face of Hindu militant, but the same sanyasi has shown the way of good governance and also taught everyone that how Hindutvaa and development can coexist simultaneously.