Islamic invaders of India, Mughal Empire came to an end in 18th century. Britishers left India in 19th century. But, even today only Hindus, native of India, continue to pay Jizya or jizyah tax in India.

Jizya or jizyah is a per capita yearly tax that Islamic states charge on non Muslim subjects – Dhimmis – such as Jews, Christians, and Hindus. When Islamic invaders ruled in Indian subcontinent. Dhimmis, as citizens in the Islamic state, had certain restrictions. Dhimmis did not enjoy certain political rights reserved for Muslims. See how Hindus can’t enjoy certain rights that are still reserved for only Muslims even today.

Jizya tax: 1
Crackers bursted in Diwali by Hindus must be banned as it cause air pollution. Same crackers during New Year Celebration are not banned.

Jizya tax: 2
Muslims are allowed to waste water on Bakri Eid, but Hindus are not permitted to celebrate Holi as it cause wastage of water.

Jizya tax: 3
Hindus must pay taxes to pay subsidy of Haj so that Muslims can go for pilgrimage. This is how Hindus would strengthen Islam in India.

Jizya tax: 4
Muslims are allowed to slash and whip themselves to observe Muharram but Hindus are not allowed to send GOVINDAS to reach heights to break DAHI Hindi. 

Jizya tax: 5
Muslims are allowed to slaughter animals at Bakri Eid but Hindus are not allowed Jallikattu in which bull races takes place.

Jizya tax: 6
Hindus have no other option but to undergo AZAAN 5 times a day 365days in a year, but Hindus can’t use loudspeakers after 10 pm during Navratra.

Jizya tax: 7
Immersion of Goddess Durga is not allowed if it falls at the same day Muharram is observed. Hindus have to make compromise to maintain religious harmony.

There are innumerable Jizya tax taxes that Hindus are still paying as they don’t even feel ashamed of Mughal slaves even after 70 years of freedom.

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