Parody: Hardik Patel is now famous world wide. His two sex CD’s have rocked and created a fear of competition among the stars. His performance in the first CD was thought underestimated, but was highlighted because of the star personality of Hardik Patel.

Famous star Johnny Sins has congratulated Hardik Patel on his excellent performance. Talking to our sources he said, “Hardik has really Hardik”. We were really unable to decode what that means, but may be our audience can figure it out.

Johnny Sins also expressed interest in working with Hardik Patel.

Certainly, Hardik is showing a career path to the youth of the country. Johnny Sins and his co-actress have loved the performance, the second CD proves that Hardik Patel is a versatile actor and can play multiple roles.

Johnny Sins was seen discussing about Hardik Patel in meeting room with the production support team who put their major efforts for movie release.

We surely hope to see Johnny Sins and Hardik Patel work together.

(Note: This article is totally for humor purposes and author or the website do not intend to malign the image of personalities mentioned).