History makes or breaks destiny of future. In our history there are 5 turning points that almost undermined Sanatan Dharma.

1. Emperor Ashoka chose to put down weapons and adopted Buddhism. He forgot the Kshatriya Dharma of protecting his people from invaders, and also insulted Hinduism. He being a expansionist led a bloody war in Kalinga (Odisha), but when he felt to apologise for the bloodshed, he chose Buddhism. Didn’t he find any peace in Hinduism? How can an emperor be great who ditches his own root and religion?

2. We Hindus have always been misled by a word called of “kshama” (क्षमा). Bhagwan Krishna said, “those who forgive are a great soul,” but the same Krishna also advocates to kill those enemies who are threat to Dharma and motherland. Maharaj Prithvi Raj chauhan did the same foolish mistake by Forgiving Muhammad Ghori after defeating him in 1191 in battle of Tarain. After he lost the battle with Muhammad Ghori in 1192, Bharat became an easy target of Islamic barbarians.

3. The rise of Nehru in Congress and side linening of Subash Bose was one of the biggest political mistake in British era. Subash babu had won the congress presidental elections in 1939 Tripuri session. But, Gandhi Nehru and their boot lickers sidelined Netaji, as the latter never belived in the unpractical and selfish behaviour of approach towards fight with British for freedom.

4. Nehru becoming first Prime Minister in 1947 instead of Sardar Patel. By 1946 it was clear that Bharat will achieve freedom from British Raj , so the post of Congress president was very critical one. The elections procedure was to be held on 29th April 1946, and 12 out of 15 CWC had proposed Sardar Patel as the chief of Congress, but Gandhi on contrary tried to convince Patel to withdraw his name. The iron man had a huge respect towards Gandhi and obeyed him. Thus making the undeserving Nehru as first PM of India.

5) Considering the hypocrite MK Gandhi as a Mahatma and following his views:

The biggest mistake we made was assumed a hypocrite self centered and selfish person as a Mahatma.The man who preached about non violence, appealed indian youths to participate in 3rd world war, this itself exposed his hypocrisy. While credit must be given to Gandhi for gathering movements against British, but further his all movements were misleading. Quit India movement was strengthened by common people who made it successful.

By taking full credit of indian independence Gandhi and his crooks tried to made us forget the real hero’s ,Subash Bose, Azad, Sukhdev, Bhagat Singh and the list is endless. We always assumed Gandhi as the hero of indian freedom then who will take the blame of partition of the mother land and massacre of more than lakhs Hindu in partition? While Gandhi was the pioneer of muslim appeasement in Indian.

Assuming Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as great Mahatma leader still remains our biggest Mistake.