Controversies don’t seem to let The Gandhis be in peace. One after another, dirty cats are jumping out of their bags of secret, ripping the open to public scrutiny. Today was a fine morning until bombs were dropped by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra and Defense Minister Nirmala Seetaraman on Twitter. Alleged that absconding arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari bought airtickets for Vadra in 2012 as per reports.

Documents of an investigative report accessed by Times Now reveal that there is clearly a link between Vadra and the fugitive arms dealer. The Vadra-Bhandari nexus is being talked about since it was revealed that Vadra’s London flat at in Bryanston Square was refurbished by Bhandari in 2016.

The documents which are in the form of multiple emails reveal that business class air tickets in the name of Robert Vadra were booked by a Travel Agent from Paharganj who sent them to Bhandari, and he later sent them to Vadra. It is to be mentioned that the Congress led UPA-II was in power in the centre at 2012. What connections with vested interest did Vadra have to associate himself with a known and seditious fugitive like Bhandari is yet to be known.

However it is not the first time when The Family has been mired in controversies due to their allegiance with criminals. In the past too Sonia Gandhi had taken favours from Liquor Baron, Vijay Mallya who went onto systematically loot the country’s Treasury.

It is alleged that Antonia Maino alias Sonia, has smuggled out various expensive artefacts and jewels from India to her native land Italy and sold them off. Neck deep in corruption, with 2G, Coal Gate and CWG scams to their credit, the Gandhis have lost credibility as a political force in the country.

With such allegations coming their way and BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra openly challenging Rahul Gandhi for filling defamation or surrendering, waters are only going to be murkier for the Congress and the world would witness their vile interests in the garb of nation building.