Crores of selfless and faceless BJP supporters—who were dejected and depressed with deeply rooted corruption, nepotism and appeasement of Congress during 2004-2014—put their blood and sweat for BJP to win. They fought with anti Modi gang and succeeded to convince many of them to turn into pro Modi. Filled with apprehension and excitement, they couldn’t sleep at night of May 22. And they were ecstatic on May 23 after BJP registered massive win. It was nothing less than ‘euphoria’ for those selfless and faceless supporters of BJP.

Balloon of ‘euphoria’ got pinched when Modi Ji said, “Minorities have been cheated, we have to stop it” in NDA Parliamentary Meet on 25 May. Really? So called minorities demanded a country in 1947, and we gave them. And they executed CARNAGE of majority Hindus in Kashmir. Was such statement required?

The very next day, first time MP Gautam Gambhir tweeted—In Gurugram Muslim man told to remove skullcap,chant Jai Shri Ram”. It is deplorable—that proved to be a fake case later. So called “भटका हुआ” rioted on streets of Delhi, but Gambhir didn’t criticise even once about it.

Core voters felt humiliated, dejected and cheated when Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced “scholarship push for 5 crores minority students over the next 5 years.” Mr. Prime Minister, Are you giving incentives to convert Hindus to Islam? Didn’t you chant सबका साथ सबका विकास? How can you give scholarship based on religious identity of citizens? HOW CAN YOU COMMIT SUCH INJUSTICE, Mr. Modi?

Mr. Prime Minister, do I need to tell you that Muslims are second largest majority? Aren’t Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Parsis are actual minorities? If each student gets 1 lakh, that is 5 lakh Crore rupees, the entire budget of MHRD for 2019-2020 is less than 1 lakh Crore rupees. Are you putting Jizia tax on Hindus?

Hurt was inflicted deeper when Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das inaugurated the Rs 55 crore Haj House in Ranchi, on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr on June 4. Why is Haj House required in India, while Mecca is in Saudi Arabia? A Haj pilgrim can go to Saudi Arabia direct from any place in India. Why this Muslim appeasement?

BJP crossed the limit of appeasement when few leaders distributed Burqas in Mumbai on 2 June.

Dear BJP, we Indians suffered 800 years of persecution at hands of Islamic invaders, 200 years of oppression at hands of Britishers. Next, 70 years of pseudo secularism witnessed blood bath of lacs of Kashmiri Hindus. Not even one FIR was lodged. We, persecuted Indians since ages, supported you wholeheartedly expecting—you would not indulge in Muslim appeasement at least—but, it appears you too started hurting us.

We are feeling cheated, humiliated and dejected the way BJP is turning into another pseudo secular political party.