She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, after all she is daughter of super star parent, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, still she could not get success. She was provided every opportunity on platter to prove her mettle, but she failed miserably.

She doesn’t know ‘T’ of Tax Procedure in India, still she keeps on ranting to suggest how Government of India should function.

Irony died thousand deaths, when she went to Oxford to campaign about ‘menstrual hygiene’ and to spread awareness of ‘sanitary napkin’. Does English speaking ‘Oxford’ need awareness about ‘sanitary napkin’ or underprivileged villages of India? Did photo shoot at ‘Oxford’ serve the purpose of spreading the awareness of ‘menstrual hygiene’?

Shamelessly, she went to meet a hypocrite and anti India Malala Yousafzai, who cries bucketful of tears over Kashmir, but conveniently turns a blind eye to brutal atrocities in Baluchistan.

The hollow brain called ‘Twinkle Khanna’ is promoted and propagated by a left leaning national daily, TOI, because it knows India is hypnotised by layers of make up and glamour of Bollywood. Even if, the flop actor hardly has any knowledge or expertise, the newspaper would get readership. This is how nothing but glamour without brain would pollute impressionable minds of India.

When would India wake up from superficial dose of Bollywood?