It is said, “a picture speaks a thousand words.” This selfie has exposed, “Bollywood Khans and their arm candy skimpy clothed heroines (actually brainless bimbo) were not permitted to attend a “Bollywood meet with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu” by their boss.

Take name of dirt and disgrace called ‘Pakistan’, Bollywood would swing into action to defend it as if Pakistan is their mother. Specially, ungrateful Khans don’t mind demoralising our own Army Men to support the ‘terror hub’ called Pakistan.

The so called human ‘Salman Khan, a pseudo activist Amir Khan, hypocrite Shahrukh Khan, flop Saif Khan, their arm candy Ms. Padukon, Chopras and Khannas, no one turned up to meet ‘Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’.

Till now, it was open but dark secret that Bollywood is working on Dawood Payroll. Absence of Khans and other saleable heroins have corroborated this dark secret that Bollywood is totally Islamised. Hence, Bollywood can not shake hands with an Iron Man, Benjamin Netanyahu, who deals with Islamic rabies with iron hands.

Israel does not believe in hypocrisy of “Terror has no religion.” Israel deals with ‘Islamic terrorism’ with iron hand, fights with those who sponsors terrorism on daily basis. Same terror sponsors fund Bollywood also. Dawood is one of the link providing illegitimate fund to Bollywood.

Bollywood would fight with terrorism on reel, but in reality Bollywood can’t even shake hand with a hero like ‘Benjamin Netanyahu’ who fights with terrorism in real life with fist hands. Meet Bollywood, hypocrite, opportunist, superficial and hollow, ready to go against their own nation if their income is affected.