In yet another decision that would hurt the sentiments of Hindus Supreme Court has ruled against the ban of controversial movie Padmavat by states of Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat.

Based on the historical events of Hindu Rani Padmavati and Muslim ruler Allauddin Khilji the movie was already in a controversy for distortion of history and showing wrong facts. In fact, the original title had to be changed from Padmavati to “Padmavat”. Many scenes were cut down. But many Hindus and the Rajput Karni Sena had been aggressively protesting against the release of this movie.

Keeping in mind the law and order situation and the public sentiments, Rajasthan, MP and Gujarat governments had banned the release of the movie in their states. Karni Sena has already threatened to vandalise theatres releasing the movie.

After the decision of Supreme Court, it would be challenging for the state govts to make a peaceful release of this movie.
But, what is disheartening is that Hindu sentiments in Bharat has always been ridiculed.