22 years old Chandan Gupta was shot dead by Salim, Waseem and Naseem in Kashganj, Uttar Pradesh for reciting “Vande Mataram” and our ‘tricolour’. Vande Mataram means ‘I worship you our motherland’. “Islam does not allow its followers to worship anyone but ‘Allah’. Hence, Muslim dominated Kashganj killed Chandan to instil fear “if secularism comes in the way of Islam, it would be butchered.”

28 years old Santosh Kalidas was stabbed to death by Wasim, Umar, Irfan and Philips in Bangalore, Karnataka. What provoked these Quran indoctrinated youths that Santosh had organised a Vivekananada Jayanti in the second week of January. Wasim and his associates felt threatened, they had ripped off many flex banners and saffron flags. If Islam senses threatened, it would butcher you. Islam doesn’t believe to coexist with other religions.

(Image Source: The Genuine Truth)

What is dangerous is that the murderer, Wasim, is the son of block Congress president, Khadar. Santosh had also stopped Wasim from selling Ganja near his house. Santosh had lodged a complaint with the police, but police took sides of Wasim and his accomplices. In a Congress rule state, if a responsible Hindu citizen tries to stop bad element of Muslim, he is slaughtered. This is how Congress maintains ‘secularism’.

38 years old Manjunath was beheaded in ISI style by his tenant, Syed Shamshuddeen alias Syed Altaf, 40, and his two sons aged 14 and 15 in Bangalore. What angered Altaf that Manjunath had asked for rent from Altaf. On 24 January, Altaf telephoned Manjunath to pay the rent. When Manjunath reached to the spot, Altaf and his sons attacked him with an iron rod. Then, they cut off his head with an electric saw and buried it in the land. The torso was dumped in a drain in Kengeri. Hindus must be ready to be beheaded if they rent their property to Muslims.

24-year-old Ankit Saxena was beaten to death in broad day light in front of his parents by his 20 years old girl friend Shehzadi’s family. Police has arrested Shehzadi’s mother, father, brother and uncle in connection with the murder. Islam doesn’t permit inter religion marriage. Therefore, Shehzadi’s family preferred to slaughter Ankit. Dear Hindu boy, get ready to be killed if you have Muslim girl friend.

When 50 years old Akhlaq, a Muslim man, was killed in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, in 2015, India became an intolerant country. Media, seculars (actually pseudo seculars) liberals (fake liberals) shamelessly defamed their own country on international platform. In 2018, till now, innumerable Hindu youths have been hacked to death by Muslims. There is not even slightest outrage at such innocent Hindu deaths by Muslims. Would Hindus continue to be sacrificed to maintain and sustain secularism? When would Hindus learn to raise their voices at their persecution at their own land by Muslims?