Dear Prakash Raj,

It appeared as if you turned into your reel character, Jaykant Shikre, a corrupt politician of Singham starring Ajay Devgan to press false accusations to blame Modi and Amit Shah duo, when you started arguing with Subramanian Swamy in a TV debate on Times Now at Bangalore.

Your first superficial charge: Hindutva is damaging the fabric of society in India.

In 1947 country was divided on religion basis as Muslims refused to co exist with other religions. Pakistan declared itself an Islamic Republic while majority of India, Hindus, allowed all religions not only to co exist but to thrive and proposer. As a result population of Muslims soared to 19% from 8% in 1947, while population of Hindus disappeared in Pakistan. It is less than 2% now.

Prakash Raj, you are abusing Hindus sitting on national TV is proof that how tolerant Hindus are.

It is not ‘freedom of expression’ but an agenda you are carrying to defame Hindus and Narendra Modi. Also, your hypocrisy is on display.

If things go wrong in UP, Yogi is responsible. But, when Gauri Lankesh is killed, Siddaramaiah is not responsible, but Modi is answerable. Any logic? Why didn’t you protest that it is law and order problem of Karnataka?

You participated in the protest held by Tamil Nadu farmers at New Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in 2017. But, why did you prefer to remain silent during the Cauvery agitation by saying that you are only an actor? So your only purpose is to target Modi government.

Prakash Raj, 3,515 farmers in Karnataka committed suicide between April 2013 and November 2017, according to the State Agriculture Department. Did you ever raise your voice against this apathy on part of Karnataka government?

Your utter disgraceful charge: Modi is not Hindu.

Is this because he follows his faith & culture proudly? ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ isn’t this slogan inclusive? When Modi provided electricity in all villages of India, did he check which religion lives in which village? It is Kerala where most numbers of Muslims joined ISIS, not any BJP ruled state. Did you ever raise your voice against Kerala government?

Hindutva or Hindus allow all other religions to prosper, but not at the cost of appeasing a particular religion, that previous government has been pampering Muslims in India