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Did Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Really Deserve The Tittle of Mahatma

A huge portion of our school literature, history and moral science is dedicated to Gandhi. His autobiography and chapters in our books of history...

Six Faces of Intellectual Terrorist In India Fighting For Rohingyas Muslim Refugees

Six lawyers Fali Sam Nariman, Kapil Sibal, Rajeev Dhavan, Colin Gonsalves, Ashwani Kumar and Prashant Bhushan are fighting tooth and nail against Government of...

The Fake Tiger of Mysore – The Cruel Islamic Invader Tipu Sultan

Know your History Part 3 by Saptashree: Tipu Sultan is being hailed as the tiger of Mysore, the foremost of the freedom fighters and...

Electing Rahul Gandhi as PM is similar to Human beings Surrendering to Apes

Rahul Gandh, the name itself might mean like a joke now a day's, but then there are few Pseudo Liberal, Fake Journalists and Leftist...

Shocking!! How Congress used Petrol Subsidy to Win Elections

Giving Subsidy just before the Election indeed burden on Economy

Shame!! Owaisi & Rahul Kanwal Term Name Change to VandeMataram College as Communal

Delhi University's Dyal Singh Evening College to be named Vande Mataram Morning College

Sex-workers exploited entire year in Sonagachi Reveals the Hypocrisy of Durga Puja

People who exploited them the entire year, worship idols of Durga with dust from their doorsteps

Mrs. Meenakshi Jain Wins 50 Lakhs by Listening to “Mann Ki Baat”

Narendra Modi is the leader we always wanted!!

Are we forcing our Gods and Goddesses to be Pseudo Secular??

Urdu Kawali during Navratri !!

Shame!! Celebrating Tipu Sultan Jayanti is similar to Jews Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday

People who know their history know that Tipu was a cruel, brutal ruler who took Islamic ideals to heart. Mass conversions and pogroms generally...

Ravan : The evil that still exists in form of Rapist, Pseudo Secular &...

Ravan in today's world in our society among us !!

He is a One Man Army working for Pakistani Hindus in India

You might be worried for Rohingyas Muslims and not for Pakistani Hindus who are struggling from years