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How Congress Blamed RSS & Hindus to Let Off a Pakistani in Samjhauta Blast

Read the entire story how Hindus & RSS were framed in the case

Modi Government Withdraws Haj Subsidy, Would Use Funds for Educating Muslims instead

The Haj subsidy is a subsidy given to Indian Muslim Hajj pilgrims by the Government of India in form of discounted Air fares on Indian Government owned Air India....

Shame!! For PDP MLA Aijaz Ahmed, Terrorists are Brothers and Children

Aijaz Mir Ahmad, PDP Lawmaker, glorified terrorists as "our brothers and martyrs" whose death should not be celebrated. Ahmed, who represents the Watchi constituency...

Amit Shah Tore into Congress over fake Criticism of GST & Jobs

In his Debut speech at RS, Amit Shah slams opposition

Yogi Adityanath to Join “Jan Raksha Yatra”  Tomorrow in Kerla

Saffron to fight Red Terror in Kerala

His name is Emmanuel Macron (39) and he is the next President of France

Check out hilarious facts about the next French President

EC’s tight Slap to 20 AAP MLAs, Drama King Kejriwal & Co. in deep...

India must be prepared for chest beating that “Democracy is in danger”

Yet again “The Wire” Trolled on Twitter for being “The Liar”

The Wire who calls itself an independent opinion platform has been in lime light for good and bad reasons. It is already going through...

Watch: CM Yogi takes 50 Big Decisions without a single Cabinet Meet

CM Yogi proves he believes in Actions !!

Tajinder Bagga Exposes the Hypocrisy of Media House “India Today”

Tajinder Bagga slaps India Today in a Single Tweet

Islamic Terrorist Abdul Subhan Qureshi Co-founder of Indian Mujahideen arrested by Delhi Police

Dubbed 'India's Bin Laden', Qureshi is an expert in the art of changing his appearance