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Exposed: A Brainless Flop Actress, with no logic of “tax” giving ‘Gyan’ on Taxation...

It would be only Chinese’s products being sold in Indian market.

Here is How Ajit Doval Destroying Hurriyat – The Kashmiri Separatist

Is the end of Kashmir Problem near !!

RAM( Rupani +  Amit + Modi) to Bring Saffron Tsunami in Upcoming  Gujarat Elections

How bjp will manage to win the number game of gujrat with 130 +

I Killed Gandhi and Saved India from One more Partition: Nathuram Godse

Boy who was named Ramachandra Godse but who came to be known as Nathuram. Before he was born, in a small village of the...

Brilliant Open Letter to A R Rahman by Nationalist Manisha Inamdar

Born as Hindu, converted to Muslim, made a Hero, but still this is not my India

Self Proclaimed “Marathi Manus” sends Invitation in English for his Sons Engagement Party

Messiah of Marathi Manoos, Crusader of the rights of bhoomi-putras and clone of a hypocrite cartoonist, Sir Raj (self-proclaimed 'saheb') Thakre sends invitation to...

#KnowYourLegacy Every Village in Gujarat is more Developed than Amethi

Amethi has been the Lok Sabha Constituency of the First Family of Congress party since independence. Currently Shehzada Rahul Gandhi is the Member of...

Dear Pseudo Seculars, Not Israel but Saudi Arabia has killed More Muslims

279 civilians died as a result of Saudi Arabia-led coalition air raids

Taj Mahal is a Sign of Brutality, Genocide and Destruction of Hinduism

8 crore Hindus were slaughtered by foreign Muslims in this period.

5 Reason Why As a Hindu  I Hate Minority Appeasement In India.

​1. Right from 1947 our motherland was divided on the basis of religion. Though, they got Islamic nation we didn't get our Hindu  Rashtra....

Kejriwal’s Maratha Rally Super Flop Show, Tight Slap on Face of Delhi CM

Kejriwal also reached Maharashtra to play Maratha card here. What he forgot that Marathas never forgive a crooked Aurangzeb worshipper politician like Kejriwal