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6 Reason why Narendra Modi will Win 2019 Elections & Continue to be PM...

Narendra Modi is unstoppable till 2024 !!

Yet Another Bomb Blast in London – Gift for Loving Refugees

UK welcomed Trouble and its time for Return Gifts

After fooling Hindus by playing God Krishna, Amir would insult Hinduism making millions from...

Twelve caricatures of Mohammed, published by the Jyllands-Posten daily on September 30, 2005, included portrayals of the Prophet Muhammad. On 7 January 2015 at...

Modi and Netanyahus Gujarat Roadshow: India-Israel relationship – Is it Destiny???

Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi, there is a sea of constructive reforms taking place

When would India take action against Anti-National like Arundhati Roy?

terrorist state Pakistan, openly recognised its agent 'Arundhati Roy'

I am a Hindu, do I have right to freedom of expression?

Call yourself “Proud Hindu,” and the entire eco system in the country would start labelling you “COMMUNAL.” The moment you exercise your “freedom of...

Exposed: Do you know Why Mothers of Terrorists in Kashmir are Weeping Today?

‘The Call To Save Islam’ by joining a terrorist outfit is so strong in Kashmir valley that Sajjad Ahmad Shah 26, of Chogal...

Indians are now Bored with Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale Cry, want him to Stop it!!

A special mentally challenged person is keen on proving his imagination as truth and keeps on repeating it without knowing or having much knowledge...

Dear Malala, Please keep India Away from your Muslim Appeasement Politics

We do not need your Peace, we are happy !!

How Congress Ignored The Great Bhagat Singh and Showcased only Gandhi Family brought Independence

Not just "Gandhi" but many Sacrificed their life for Freedom of India

First My Lord Ram and Now Our Diwali, Both Dragged in Supreme Court

Majority Hindus and still no Temple and no Festival