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Pune, Maharastra

Urban Naxalites + Intellectual Jehadi, A new Threat to Unity of India and Modi...

Venomous coalition of congress with Breaking India brigade & urban naxalites need to be dealt with iron hands by bjp govt

The Grand Dussehra Gift to Mumbaikars by Rail Minster Piyush Goyal

Safety of passengers still remains a great reason of concern

Kejriwal’s Maratha Rally Super Flop Show, Tight Slap on Face of Delhi CM

Kejriwal also reached Maharashtra to play Maratha card here. What he forgot that Marathas never forgive a crooked Aurangzeb worshipper politician like Kejriwal

Electing Rahul Gandhi as PM is similar to Human beings Surrendering to Apes

Rahul Gandh, the name itself might mean like a joke now a day's, but then there are few Pseudo Liberal, Fake Journalists and Leftist...

Dhruv Rathee Exposed for lying about ‘Pen’ used by PM Narendra Modi

Dhruv Rathee, often referred to as a Social Media campaigner of Arvind Kejriwal, has been running Anti-Modi campaign through his YouTube channel and various...

Should we Respect National Anthem is the most Shameful Debates for Indians

Misplaced Priorities: The SC of India had made it compulsory to play national anthem before screening of movies at theatres pan India. Many lauded and...

Is Left Government Helping ISIS to Capture Kerala’s mentally?

Youth of Kerala is brainwashed to be recruited in ISIS

Big Question: Was Money Distributed to Protest and Spread Riots in Pune??

Pune has always been a place where people live in peace and harmony. It is the city of youngsters and the city with diverse...

Rohingyas Muslims Refugees – A Threat to National Security

Taking these people in will be a threat to National Security

Self Proclaimed “Marathi Manus” sends Invitation in English for his Sons Engagement Party

Messiah of Marathi Manoos, Crusader of the rights of bhoomi-putras and clone of a hypocrite cartoonist, Sir Raj (self-proclaimed 'saheb') Thakre sends invitation to...

Those who do politics over dead bodies are 21st century vultures

Vultures hungry for Votes, TRP and Cheap Publicity