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Mr. Bhansali, Hindu’s are not Going to Tolerate your Insult to Hindu Legends

Great ! So Mr Bhansali chooses an opportune moment to put up this video. As is the law of nature there are two sides to...

#KnowYourLegacy Every Village in Gujarat is more Developed than Amethi

Amethi has been the Lok Sabha Constituency of the First Family of Congress party since independence. Currently Shehzada Rahul Gandhi is the Member of...

Should we Respect National Anthem is the most Shameful Debates for Indians

Misplaced Priorities: The SC of India had made it compulsory to play national anthem before screening of movies at theatres pan India. Many lauded and...

5 Reason Why As a Hindu  I Hate Minority Appeasement In India.

​1. Right from 1947 our motherland was divided on the basis of religion. Though, they got Islamic nation we didn't get our Hindu  Rashtra....

Taj Mahal is a Sign of Brutality, Genocide and Destruction of Hinduism

8 crore Hindus were slaughtered by foreign Muslims in this period.

Electing Rahul Gandhi as PM is similar to Human beings Surrendering to Apes

Rahul Gandh, the name itself might mean like a joke now a day's, but then there are few Pseudo Liberal, Fake Journalists and Leftist...

First My Lord Ram and Now Our Diwali, Both Dragged in Supreme Court

Majority Hindus and still no Temple and no Festival

​6 Points which Prove Rahul Gandhi is all set To Lose 2019 Amethi Election

6 facts you must know about Shah and Yogi rally at Amethi

Crackers banned, Now Ban Goat on Bakrid & Christmas Tree on Christmas

Firstly, Wise Indian Tongue and it's entire team is against the pollution caused in any forms. We should consider what kind of environment we...

5 Reasons Why I am a Proud Yogi Aditynath Bhakt!!

1. The leader: Yogi Adityanath is a mass leader. He doesn't bother to be politically correct when it matters for public welfare. Whether he is...

Is Left Government Helping ISIS to Capture Kerala’s mentally?

Youth of Kerala is brainwashed to be recruited in ISIS

The Grand Dussehra Gift to Mumbaikars by Rail Minster Piyush Goyal

Safety of passengers still remains a great reason of concern