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Shame!! Our ancestor Sacrificed for Freedom and We handed our Country to Italian Lady

The The freedom that we cherish today wasn't achieved in a day. It was a Yagna which claimed a lot of heads as a...

Indians are now Bored with Rahul Gandhi’s Rafale Cry, want him to Stop it!!

A special mentally challenged person is keen on proving his imagination as truth and keeps on repeating it without knowing or having much knowledge...

Here is How Ajit Doval Destroying Hurriyat – The Kashmiri Separatist

Is the end of Kashmir Problem near !!

Who will win Amethi Yudh: A Self-Made Woman or a Dynast

The bastion of Congress for decades, Amethi constituency has been contested by the Gandhi family since 1980- with Sanjay Gandhi first, then former PM...