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Divisive Politics and why it should be stopped.

Divisive Politics and why it should be stopped.

Big Expose: Absconding Arms Dealer Booked Air Tickets for “National Damaad ji”

Controversies don't seem to let The Gandhis be in peace. One after another, dirty cats are jumping out of their bags of secret, ripping...

Exposed!! Nagaland Girl burning the Indian Flag video is fake

Pakistan has lost not one but three wars in India. It is pretty much sure that Pakistan is aware that it cannot win a...

Kerala – Communist Terrorists own country !!

Lynching is Hindu Terrorism, but Killing & Murders across Kerala has nothing to do with Commusist and Religion

In order to Serve his Master, a Congressman Gaurav Pandhi ends making “Own Goal”

Gaurav Pandhi questions Priti Gandhi's religion, she slams him with Legal Document

PM Modi tweets To Jonty Rhodes, completes the ‘Indian’ connection!!


6 Videos that Prove Mamata Banerjee is responsible for Riots Against Hindus

Mamata's Policies endangering Hindus in West Bengal

Another Mullah threatens to issue Fatwa against Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam is rocking and showing the right way to fake Liberals !!

Fake Farmers from TN finally end the Drama

Check out why Narendra Modi is not interested in meeting the fake protest !

Hindi Debate – A new Agenda to Divide India

A new Agenda by Opposition to Divide India !!