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Gauri Lankesh Murder: CM Siddaramaiah Should resign over Law & Order issue

Law and Order is the State issue and CM should take responsibility and resign

Hypocrisy over Ex-RAW official RSN Singh’s Statement

Why RSN Singh does not have freedom of Speech ??

Exposed!! Nagaland Girl burning the Indian Flag video is fake

Pakistan has lost not one but three wars in India. It is pretty much sure that Pakistan is aware that it cannot win a...

Islamic Clerics offer one night stand for a Price

One Night stand to save your marriage

Shocking Video: Congress Members Insult National Anthem in Rajasthan

In a shocking video it has emerged that Congress partymen have disrespected the National Anthem. They have insulted the National Anthem by refusing to...

Dr Kafeel Khan hailed as ‘Hero’ might be the Culprit

Loss of Life is Painful but Politics over it is Shameful


He killed over 15 Million Africans, Ever Heard of him !

Shame On Presstitutes And Libtards Who Are Making Children’s Death A Political Issue

Loss of life is Painful but Politics over it is Shameful

Rana Ayub insults PM Modi calling him a Bigot, gets Trolled

Bibi got Trolled yet Again for her Sick Remarks

No better country than India for Muslims and no better friend than Hindus

India is the Largest Democracy and True Secular Country

Finally Arnab Goswami succeeds in breaking the Maha Gathbandhan

Expose of Lalu Tapes & Tejaswi Taints by Arnab caused a breakup between JD(U)-RJD

Naresh Agarwal Insults Shree Ram and Hindus | He Should be Jailed | Share...

Your blood will boil listening to him | He should be Arrested