This is how Congress decided to take advantage of Sridevi’s death


Congress think tank was holding high level of meeting to brainstorm what to tell people of its achievement. All the top rung leaders including those who studied in Tuft University and speak high class English, were scratching their heads how to tell people of India stories of development by Congress.

Right then, news filtered in Bollywood iconic and legend actor Sridevi passed away from cardiac arrest. “Sridevi had illustrious career, was the top most heroine. Is there any contribution of Congress in her life?” One leader asked. While scratching his head, another leader started beaming when he said, “Sridevi was awarded Padma Shri by the UPA government in 2013.”

It was unanimously agreed in the meeting that people of India must know Congress’s touching contribution in Sridevi’s life to award her Padma Shri. India must know Congress achieved one of the biggest milestones to award her Padma Shri.

But, gentlemen, “this is not achievement of Congress to award Padma Shri to Shri Devi,” complained one of visibly wise Congressman. So what? We must tell people of India awarding Padma Shri to Shri Devi, is not an honour given by the country to its citizens but it is property of Congress, answered Congress men in chorus.

“How can people be convinced at such complete nonsense?” A true well wisher of Congress asked. If people of India can accept Rahul Gandhi, who can not read, write or even speak properly, as projected prime minister, they would get convinced with this lies easily..