If a lady like Surpanakha, who is (fortunately or unfortunately) attracted towards Rajdeep Sardesai, husband of Sagarika Ghose, must go ahead and propose Sardesai. If Sardesai reminds lovelorn lady that he is married to Sagarika Ghose, the lovesick lady must break Sagarika’s head into pieces, so that the lady can easily get married to Rajdeep Sardesai. This is exactly what Sagarika Ghose, so called journalist, mean, when she raised her voice for “Right to propose a married man” then “Right to smash that married man’s wife if the man reminds that he is married” through her tweet.

Surpanakha, sister of Ravana, prehistoric king of Lanka, when she visited India, got infatuated with handsome prince Ram of Ayodhya, the moment she saw him in forest during his 14 years ‘Vanvaas’. Prince Ram reminded Surpanakha that he is married, and asked her to approach his brother, Laxman. Surpanakha, humiliated by his rejection, began to attack Ram’s wife, Sita, in anger and jealousy. But Lakshmana intervened, protected Sita, and punished Surpanakha by cutting off her nose.

So called liberals from JNU disgustingly stooped to the extent of comparing Goddess Durga, who defeated demon Mahishasura, to a prostitute who lured Mahishasura to kill him. Now same sick mentality of liberals are on mission of glorifying Surpanakha.
Self proclaimed liberals in India oppose and cry at anything that is moral and ethical. Likewise, self proclaimed seculars attack at everything that is in national interest.

Liberals’ hypocrisy is on full display when they don’t dare to raise their voice against Islamic diseases. Ask Sagarika Ghose, how can 56 years old Prophate Muhammad marry 6 years old Ayesha? Isn’t it worse than patriarchal? Her liberal views would disappear in thin air, because she is aware if she exercises “freedom of expression” with Islam, she would be blasted into pieces. She dares to open her mouth against Hinduism as she knows Hindus are too tolerant, they won’t harm her.

What is the disturbing question is why news anchor like Sagarika Ghose, who has been praising and promoting ex prime ministers Indira Gandhi and Nehru relentlessly started justifying and lauding demoness like Surpanakha? Looks like Congress can’t breathe without power. Distance from power has made them so restless and suffocated. To grab power, Congress and its stooges would, next, start worshipping likes of Ravana, Kansa and Duryoudhana.