Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on a 6-day visit to India, is the second Prime Minister from his country after Ariel Sharon to visit India in the last 25 years of a diplomatic relationship, will be accompanied by a 130-member delegation from various sectors including cyber, agriculture and defence.

There are a few Foreign funded Pseudo Liberals and organisations
protesting in India against PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit. They alleg PM Benjamin Netanyahu of attacks on Palestine and killing of Muslims.

But these Pseudo Liberals are silent over Saudi Arabia who is responsible for killing of Muslims in their own country and neighbouring countries. A new report by Human Rights Watch, entitled “Denied Dignity”, outlines how Shia Muslims of Saudi Arabia struggle against “systematic discrimination”.  The Shia community, which comprises about 10% to 15% of the Saudi population, faces “unfavourable treatment” in areas including religion, education, employment, and the justice system.

A recent Human Rights Watch report highlights an incident this past February where Shia Muslims clashed with religious police in the holy city of Medina. The report found that at this incident, “Security forces shot a 15-year-old pilgrim in the chest, and an unknown civilian stabbed a Shia religious sheikh in the back with a knife, shouting ‘Kill the rejectionist [Shia].’

In 2017, Saudi Arabia forces had destroyed 488 homes in Awamiya. Saudi Arabia did not help any of the Rohingyas Muslims. Saudi Arabia executed 47 people convicted of terrorism Saturday, including prominent Shiite Muslim cleric Nimr al-Nimr, prompting condemnation throughout the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia has been at war in Yemen since March 2015. Some 279 civilians died as a result of Saudi Arabia-led coalition air raids, in addition to the 121 killed by Iranian-backed Houthi fighters, as per the report by Geneva-based SAM Organisation for Right and Liberties. Killings were part of 1,937 violations committed throughout the country. To date, more than 10,000 people have died in the war in Yemen, according to the UN. More than two million people have been displaced since the war began. That’s not all, Saudi Arabia has been in a Proxy-war with its neighbours.

The execution of a man convicted of murder has took the number of people Saudi Arabia executed in the Islamic Kingdom so far this year 2017 to 100.

To summarise in short, Saudi Arabia is culprit of:

  1. Killing of Shia Muslims in its own Country.
  2. Killing of Shia Clerics from its own country and Iran.
  3. Killing of civilians and war in Yemen.
  4. Saudi’s Islamic kingdom not helping Rohingyas Muslims.
  5. Proxy-war with Iran and other neighbours.

But our Indian Pseudo Secular are busy protesting and crying against Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Funny isn’t it!?