To whomsoever it may concern,Apart from Ms. Swara Bhaskar,

Dear Ms. Bhaskar, I’ve been an audience to your cinema and have had great regard for your proliferation as an actor. I believe, you’re a talented spirit and have a bone of contention in business. All this respect and admiration apart today I’m pained at your perceiving. I for one cannot imagine an intellectual of your stature, could ever commit a mistake so grave in the game of comprehension. As an audience and fellow woman this is a short reply to the longish letter you’ve penned for the entire womanhood off late.

Ms. Bhaskar I strongly believe in feminism and also appreciate the fact that women are proficient enough to mouth the word ‘Vagina’ in the open today. Whether you felt like a vagina or a clitoris is entirely your concern however, I hope difference of opinion is welcome in your liberal world.

First, let’s talk about common sense. The world knew what’s there in Padmaavat. Everyone knew the story. Even if they didn’t read history, some people managed to rub the story on everyone’s faces quite effectively. I gather, even you must be aware of it being a JNU grad yourself. Why didn’t you raise your concern while the movie was still in making? How does creating ruckus through these letters make sense now. Had SLB shown the movie in the light of a lack of spine by the queen and male dominance of a foreign invader(hitherto defying history) by letting Khilji ravage the queen, you would have decried that why wasn’t Queen Padmavati given the choice to choose her death.

Now that historically queen is known to have exercised her right to self and self immolated herself in her own funeral to save herself from Islamic slave markets and harem you’re decrying of patriarchal stench. Choose your battle first.

Needless to say your letter has been in the eye of the storm n rightfully so. But again your dilly-dallying comprehension skills are dissipating from the point of reference. Dear lady, you didn’t face this backlash because you said the word ‘vagina’.

Gynaecologists all over have been touching the vagina since ages, no one ever held it against them. The backlash is because you in your own Sunderland have chosen to completely ignore the context of the movie.

The movie is set in 13th century when dying by self immolation than ending up in a disgraceful harem as a sex slave was considered a better option. And even today any self respecting woman would choose death over sex slavery. Ever read about Yazidi women? A 15 yr old Yazidi girl self immolated herself to save herself from being slaved by ISIS. That’s the context of 2018. Yes, the very contextual context you’ve mentioned in your letter. If you faced a backlash, it’s not because of your mouthing the word vagina, it’s because of your penning that bigoted, inane and illogically out of context letter.

Yours sincerely
A woman who is more than just a Vagina.