1.324 billion,the population of India as of 31st July,2017. With a Growth Rate of 1.19%, India contributes to 17.86% of the total world population. The steep increment, has raised eyebrows all around the globe,but a large section of Indians are still ignorant to the enormous population, which profoundly contributes to our nation’s primary issues, namely Poverty and Unemployment.

In the recent past, the government’s scheme to curb population has been a disaster. Constant failures have created a worrisome environment all around.So what next? Human population control law, monitors the growth of a country’s population. We’ve known a little about China’s attempts via Human Population Control Law, and their triumph.

Historically human population planning has been implemented with the goal of increasing the rate of human population growth. However, in the period from the 1950s to the 1980s, concerns about global population growth and its effects on poverty, environmental degradation and political stability led to efforts to reduce human population growth rates. More recently, some countries, such as Iran and Spain, have begun efforts to increase their birth rates once again. While population planning can involve measures that improve people’s lives by giving them greater control of their reproduction, a few programs, most notably the Chinese government’s “one-child policy”, have resorted to coercive measures.

Population planning that is intended to reduce a population or sub-population’s growth rates may promote or enforce one or more of the following practices, although there are other methods as well:

Higher taxation of parents who have “excess” childrenContraceptionAbstinenceReducing infant mortality so that parents do not need to have many children to ensure at least some survive to adulthood.

Abortion Changing status of women causing departure from traditional sexual division of labour. SterilizationOne-child One-child and Two-child policies, and other policies restricting or discouraging births directly.

Family planning:

Create small family “role models” Tighter immigration restrictions

The constant pressure on our natural resources to meet the requirements of everyone, has led to their exploitation and thus unbalancing the ecosystem. Family planning has just been a text book stuff in our nation,and never actually practiced. To curb the population some strict laws has to be enacted, and the nation awaits for a Population Control Law