The Impeccable Love.

Definition of Love, it may distinctly vary from person to person. For me it’s something mystical or magical. Imagine having a bad day at work, being bashed up by everything and then you meet that one person, and puff! Everything vanishes. Be it the distress or any insidious happening. Some tend to fall for the Virginity. A girl is instantly slut-shamed for the consensual sex, so here’s my question. Do prostitutes deserve to be Loved?

The warmth of a small peck on the forehead, to make love and not just have sex and someone to hold her out of love and not because he’s paid to do so. Why a Prositute has been robbed off the above mentioned romance?

For some, vagina is a mere piece of flesh, which a prostitute allows to exploit, and the girl? Who cares? As much as debatable Is the topic of forced prostitution, the plight of those who choose prostitution is no less.

Ironically a Prositute can’t be raped, or be a victim of Eve teasing so it’s illogical to debate on loving her, so who shall wipe their tears off, or who shall make them feel they mean the world for someone.

In a country where we don’t spare non-virgins, it’s too much of optimisim to expect a prositute being loved. Why Is it so?

To blame either of the genders would be too harsh, but on the other hand has anyone even looked at a prositute and thought of speaking her heart out? The humongous pain they carry, but no one is there to listen their complains, imagine such a life. No one around to console you, to have your back. Suffocating? Imagining such a situation sends chill down my spine.

Have we restricted love to flesh? Yes indeed. No denial to this fact and tragically a prositute has no escape. In conclusion I’d restrict the entire article into 2 lines:

मांस को तोह कई छू लेते,
दिल कभी छूकर देखो।