A Friendly And A Gentle Reminder To My Dear Fellow Indians

1. Flight Etiquette:
A. Remember to NOT push the passenger in front of you when boarding. Don’t worry, nobody will put a towel/kerchief on your allotted seat and occupy it. I promise.

B. While I am sure you have a lovely voice, kindly don’t be yelling while conversing with your friend/family sitting right next to you.

C. I am sure you would like to ensure you recover  flight fares completely, but please don’t start asking for juice/soft drinks/food while the other passengers are still boarding.

D. I do realise you don’t like to waste snacks, but that doesn’t mean you take the leftover unopened cookie from your co-traveller and put it in your purse to be eaten later

E. Unless you are a small child or have issues with kidneys, wait till the air hostesses are done serving beverages/food before you demand they move their food carts  so you can use the restroom. Or another brilliant idea would be to use the restroom before they start serving food.

F. Surely you love to sit in the lavatory and reflect on world issues, but kindly restrict it to your own personal lavatories at home.

Toilet Etiquette: 

A. While waiting to use the toilet at airports or other public places, kindly don’t stand right in front of the toilet door of your choosing. I prefer not to walk straight into your arms when I am done with my business there.

B. There is something called “Flush”, feel free to use it after you are done. You don’t have to worry about conserving water in such circumstances.

C. If you see people waiting in line/queue, kindly join it and wait for your turn to use the facilities. I realise you might be the queen/king in your house, but you are a regular Joe when in public.

D. I know you are worried about wasting soap/water,time etc , but it would be a good idea to wash your hands after you have used the toilet.

Personal space : 
A. Believe it or not, everyone has something called the “personal space”. For me it is about a couple of feet around me. I know you adore me and I reciprocate the sentiments.. but you don’t have to show that adoration by sitting almost on top of me wherever we go.

B. I promise I won’t leave you and disappear into thin air … So please stop touching/patting on my arms, face, back, hands while conversing with me.

Cell phone conversation in public : 

A. We know you have an interesting life worthy of being turned into next Ekta Kapoor’s TV serial, but you should protect your story by NOT talking about it so loudly  on the cell phone. Someone might steal your story and sell it to Ekta Kapoor for lakhs of Rupees… Think about it, I am saying it in your best interest.

Peepers : 

A. I know you mean no harm and you are just curious, but some people do believe it is not civilised behaviour to peep into a stranger’s purse/ bag when they are trying to take out some money from there.
Thank you much,






Dr. Rupa Murthy


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