The admin from Humans of Hindutva had posted yesterday that he discontinued their page because of receiving death threats but in reality facebook removed his page because of their community standards being violated. They found out that HOH was using violent and hate speech.

The admin of HOH had zero screenshots of the proof that he received death threats but wire/scroll/Hindustan times/quint blamed the extreme right and claimed that the freedom of speech was curbed in this country by the “BJP” supporters. But in reality it was facebook all along which removed the page. Unless you can call FB a Sanghi troll, the whole plan seems like an elaborate lie.

In reality, their page was deleted by Facebook because of the stupidity that they posted on their page not because of some bots sending them death threats. We are not yet Pakistan in that regards and despite my absolute hatred for that page, I think they have all the rights to post what they want(as long as they don’t violate the community standards by facebook) because they looked more and more stupid with the new posts coming in and exposed their absolute hatred or Hinduism and in extension Modi/the government and the BJP.

It can’t be discounted that the admin has tried to use these stunts before to gain publicity and this is the perfect way to get into the mainstream media houses which are just looking for blood. This can be huge if not nipped in the bud. #HOH is trending on twitter in India this morning and everyone who thinks this all drama is a farce need to expose the lies which are being peddled.

Can we all post this screenshot that the whole story is a farce and it’s another attempt to gain publicity and social media outcry from the left?

Author : Nikunj Saboo