“Love Jihad” which was earlier alleged as a propaganda by RSS, BJP and Right Wing groups is now confirmed to be true. National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in its report have confirmed. NIA told the Supreme court (SC) that love jihad is for real. “There is a pattern to convert Hindu girls and get them married to Muslim men,” NIA told SC. The NIA has recently conducted probe into some cases of ‘love jihad’ in which women were allegedly being sent to Syria to join the ISIS.

The issue reached the apex court as Kerala-native Shafin Jahan challenged the annulment of his marriage by the Kerala High Court which ordered the state police to probe such cases. Jahan, who had married a Hindu woman last December, had moved the SC after the Kerala High Court annulled his marriage, saying that it was an insult to the independence of women in the country.

There are also rates fixed for marrying to non-Muslim girls. “If a Muslim youth marries a Hindu Brahmin girl, he would be awarded with Rs 5 lakhs, similarly if someone gets hitched with a Sikh Punjabi girl, he would be given Rs 7 lakhs.”

“If the girl is from Kshatriya Hindu community, the cash reward would be Rs 4.5 lakhs, Gujarat Brahmin girl Rs 6 lakhs, Punjabi Hindu Rs 6 lakhs, Christian Roman Cathlolic Rs 4 lakhs, Christian Protestant Rs 3 lakhs, Jain Rs 3 lakhs, Gujarati Kutch girl Rs 3 lakhs.”

(Source: As per a viral SMS/WhatsApp message circulated by ‘Students of Muslim Youth Forum’)

Out all these things going on, it clear that there is an immediate need for educating kids regarding Love Jihad and it’s consequences. No, not at all, do not think you are radicalising your kids. You are just making your child aware of the danger. You are not communalising him, you are just securing your child’s future. You are not encouraging him to join Right wing organisation, you are just making your child strong enough to deal with such situation.

For a girl without knowledge about Love Jihad she might easily get into the trap. Girl might see him as a Lover and not see his Religion. May be he is a metrosexual Love Jihadi who dresses smartly, talks eloquently, gets hair-cut from best salons, drives a nice bike, grooms like a film-star, and is none less than a Shahrukh or Aamir. He is the dream of every dumb girl who grew up watching the magic of Khans in Bollywood. This is the Love Jihadi who flocks metros and small towns and targets girls from upper-middle class to super rich Hindus. 

What after marriage, let’s say your girl gets married to a Love Jihadi, well firstly he gets his reward of 5-7 lakh Rupees, then he can get back to his regular business of searching for a new target. Polygamy is allowed and hence your girl might need to share her husband with other victim girls. If finally the girl gets to get divorced, in other words she has to go through Talaq as per the Muslim personal law board she is not entitled to get any compensation. In short, the girls life may be destroyed forever.

Doesn’t it look simple, doesn’t the explanation enough for you take a step ahead and make your child aware of it !!