What do Naxals want? They want destruction, blood and gore of innocents. The central ideology of Naxals or Maoists has always been killing innocent civilians and destroying their basic infrastructure and amenities in the name of “class war” against their own nation.

This is exactly what Naxals did when they destroyed all the power lines to Chintalnar village in Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. It is blood boiling to recall how barbaric Naxals butchered our 76 CRPF personnel in Sukma in April 2010.

When Narendra Modi government made an ambitious plan to provide electricity to every village in every corner of India by March 2019, government knew they have to deal with Naxal hit area with iron hands. They did succeed their mission to ensure electricity in Chintalnar village where Naxals had uprooted the (electricity) poles in 2003, also had warned the villagers from trying to get it repaired. It feels heavy that children had never seen lights at their home.

Now, work to electrify Chintalnar village has been completed. Strong foothold of the Naxals, the village is now slowly getting back to the path of development. Beaming faces of villagers are equally electrifying when they say, “now it would be easier for kids to study at night.”