“Classical Dance of Bharat Natyam—your institute conducted on annual day—was mesmerising and divine, hats off to you for preserving our ancient heritage even after ‘Islamic Invasion’ and 200 years of British rule,” this is how I admired and appreciated the management of academy where my 6 years old daughter learns Bharat Natyam, and left.

Little did I know that mention of “Islamic Invasion” would offend a Lady from Minority community which I could guess from her dressing, sitting in waiting area, so much that she would confront me the very next day.

The very next day, when I was getting down stairs, after picking up my daughter from her Bharat Natyam class, the lady charged me, “Excuse me, you appreciated classical dances at Annual Day, but why did you say “Islamic Invasion”? “My daughter also learns classical dance,” she added.

Her question provoked me to the hilt. I charged her back, “Isn’t it the history that Islamic invaders attacked our land 1000 years ago?

She said, “No” then asked dumber question, “Did you visit Taj Mahal”?

Next, she attacked me ferociously, “you are sick people, because of you minority feels insecure.”

I lost my cool, and reminded her, our country is bleeding.


Dear lady, “The very moment, you shout TERROR HAS NO RELIGION, everyone gets to know which religion you are talking about” I replied.

This heated argument lasted only one and half minutes while she and I were getting down 54 stairs.

Strategy of liberal in India: this is how they build up pro terrorism narrative.

1. When a terrorist, who calls himself Jaish-e-Mohammed (meaning: Muhammad’s soldier) waging war to eliminate cow urine drinking Hindus (actually KAAFIR), and blast our 44 security forces into pieces, they would start shouting TERROR HAS NO RELIGION

2. India should not use the word “Islamic Invasion” because Mughals entered our land, after they were given invitation card. And, Mughals destroyed all our temples and brutalised our people with complete love and care.

3. Muslims have full right to get offended with mere mention of “Islamic Invasion” but India should not even react after our security forces and innocent citizens are blasted into pieces by a terrorist calling him soldier of Muhammad.

Emotion are running high in our country after Pulwama terror attack. However, this is how a lady, unknown to me, provokes me to justify TERRORISM. When would you wake up India?