India, Hindustan or Bharat our country is a land of Spirituality, Diversity and Unity. Hinduism is not a religion, it is a way of life. Even if you don’t belive in Hindusim or Hindu, you still are a Hindu geographically. There is no organized belief system in the Hindu way of life. One can follow any god be it a female or male figure, be it an animal, be it a rock, be it a parent or any other form of nature.

Being a Hindu is following a universal law (Sanatana Dharma) which includes everything and does not exclude anything. It is inclusive in nature and transcends the limits of societal expectations. Being a Hindu does not mean that one is following an organized set of beliefs but instead it simply means one is growing towards salvation. (Reference : Chakra News

Geographically every child Born in India is a Hindu, depending on the family the child is born he gets his religious identity. Though he may be a non-Hindu, but by culture and the way of life he still remains a Hindu. For some sprinkling of Holy water makes their child Christian, Circumcision might make child a Muslim to get a religious identity. But for being a Hindu, a child does not has to go throw any such process, because he is born as a Hindu.

A child Born, would not need to go through a spiritual or religious process to make his religious identity as Hindu.