I am SECULAR” this is how I had boasted of being a SECULAR Indian to a UAE national, when I visited Dubai in 2010.

Myth of secularism in my head started getting busted, when “killing of one Mohammed Akhlaq from UP in 2015 made entire India INTOLERANT.” Every so called liberal Journalist made sure to defame and abuse India on international stage by calling our country ‘Intolerant India’.

This was when I started asking some tough questions from my own soul.

1. Why didn’t brutal mass murder of Kashmiri Hindus make India intolerant? Even today, survivors of Kashmiri Hindus are living as refugees in their own country. Isn’t it a blot on India’s image?

2. India had powerful Army, which defeated Pak many times. Why couldn’t they save Kashmiri Hindus? Even police mechanism remained mute spectators when Kashmiri Hindus were thrown out of valley. Why?

3. When Sikhs were burnt alive by putting tyres in their necks, was killings of thousands of Sikhs approved in constitution? Why didn’t such ghastly act make India intolerant? List of such persecutions would go on and on.

4. Why did no one return their awards when Kashmiri Hindus were annihilated and Sikhs were burnt alive?

5. Would India be intolerant only when Akhlaq from special community would be killed?

Now, it was shockingly revealed by ‘Republic Bharat’ that countless KARSEVAKS had been killed in the 1990 Ayodhya firing incidents and Hindu’s DEAD WERE BURIED to cover up the issue. (Reference: Republic Bharat)

It was Islamic invaders and East India Company, who had been persecuting we native Indians. Hindu holocaust continues even after 70 years of independence, now in the name of secularism. Is there any country for Hindus? Would they ever build home for themselves?