Sanjiv Bhatt, the sacked IPS Officer from Gujarat, had filled an affidavit in the Supreme Court of India against Narendra Modi, the then Gujrat Chief Minister alleging his role in 2002 Gujarat riots in the state. Bhatt, the manipulator, pulled all the stops to fabricate Narendra Modi.

The Supreme Court rebuked him in sharp terms, saying he had interacted with “top rival political leaders of Gujarat” despite being a senior police officer. It is an open secret who rival political leaders were. SC indicates Bhatt was conniving with Congress leaders. Also, SC acknowledged, that Bhatt had sent the e mails stating that he was not fully exploited by a counsel of the rival political party (Congress).

Congress is like a floppy or CD that refuse to upgrade itself to suit the change. In the name of ‘Secularism’ Congress thrived and survived on appeasing Muslims to the extent that they don’t hesitate to shed tears at killings of terrorists, enemy of state of India. Congressmen prospered only by serving Gandhi Dynasty at the cost of demeaning their own self respect and their own potential. Sanjiv Bhatt is a loyal pawn, who has been serving Congress at the cost of national interest.

According to Shehzad Poonawalla, who attacked Rahul Gandhi, “Will you allow yourself to be judged on merit rather than your surname?”, Sanjiv Bhatt, ex IPS officer earns proximity of Gandhis by appeasing and flattering them so that he can continue to extort money from small time business men conniving with his wife. This shocking allegation has come from ‘lone voice of dissent’, Congressman Shehzad Poonawalla.

Mantra of Congress is to rear pawns like Sanjiv Bhatt, feed him MLA ticket for his wife. Allow him and his wife to extort money from small time businessmen. In return he would dedicate his life to defame Narendra Modi and Gujarat for years.

Should Gujarat vote for Congress, which prepares white collar goons like Sanjiv Bhatt to extort hard earned money from Gujaratis?