A Bollywood bimbo never fails to prove how brainless she is! If she is a flop heroine, has taken up writing as her second career to console her, her opinion and words would be simply unbearable.

When Twinkle Khanna said, “Sanitary pads are taxed but not viagra, because policies are made by 65 years old men with erectile dysfunction,” she conveyed to the world “frustration of a flop actress can go to the extent of humiliating a senior citizen policy maker with her utter absurd comments.”

Before making such rude and offensive remarks, she did not even find it necessary to know that “low cost subsidised sanitary napkins, 6 pads in ₹7.50, are already available at Anganbadi Center for underprivileged women. It means one sanitary napkins costs ₹1.25.

Twinkle Khanna worked hard to look intelligent by visited Oxford University, only God knows how Oxford bears such lowest IQ so called celebrity, but her words revealed she hardly has even common sense.

Ms. Khanna exposed her body to garner viewership on camera. Now she exposed her empty brain off camera to get readership. One, who doesn’t know ‘T’ about taxation process, must listen to finance minister, Arun Jaitely: If you reduce 12% tax on sanitary napkins, you won’t have any Indian manufacture left.

It would be only Chinese’s products being sold in Indian market. Ill informed debate about ST would kill domestic manufactures completely and allow Chinese to take over the market”. Well, Ms. empty brain, how do you know our policy makers are 65 years old and they have erectile dysfunction? Kindly oblige us with your answer.