‘The Call To Save Islam’ by joining a terrorist outfit is so strong in Kashmir valley that Sajjad Ahmad Shah 26, of Chogal Handwara, left his new born child, young wife, two unmarried sisters, paralysed father and helpless mother to join Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. ‘He was the only earning member of family’ did not deter him from leaving his family. Now his mother, Sara, is making emotional appeal to Sajjad to return home.

Aashiq Hussain Bhat of Shopian, left his newly wed pregnant wife to join Lashkar-e-Tayyiba. He, too, forgot that he was the only bread earner of the family. Ashiq’s mother Fahmeeda, with tears in her eyes, has threatened that she would consume poison if her son doesn’t leave LeT to come home.

Even a class 12 student and resident of Shariafabad in south Kashmir, Irfan Ahmad felt Islam is in danger and left his family to join militant group. His mother is begging his son to return with tears rolling from her eyes. These days mothers of militants are shedding a bucketful of tears begging their sons to come back.

Dear mothers of militants, it is positive approach that all of you are convincing your sons to come back. But, it is the atmosphere created by all you that your sons embraced militancy and left your families.

All of you, not only enjoyed but supported stone pelting at our soldiers. You celebrated martyrdom of our brave army men who took bullet at their chests to save you. At the same time, you glorified death of a terrorist ‘Burhan Wani’ when whole valley attended his funeral. Burhan Wani’s father howled that he is ready to sacrifice his other sons also. You were not only mute spectators but an accomplice, when Kashmiri Hindus were slaughtered, their women raped and their propertied looted.

Everything you do, everything you say, every choice you make, sooner or later comes back around you. Mother India also cried when their sons made supreme sacrifices saving their motherland.

People in a society are interdependent on one another. Words, acts and deeds by a society member influence the rest of them, specially impressionable minds like youth. If all you mothers would have snubbed Burhan Wani’s father when he glorified his dead terrorist son, your words would have discouraged your sons from joining dreaded terrorist outfits.

Dear mothers of valley, an opportunist like Burhan Wani’s father’s poisonous words to hail terrorism is responsible for your sons leaving you and joining terrorists organisations. First deal with such venomous element like him, if you want to save your sons.