Pakistan has lost not one but three wars in India. It is pretty much sure that Pakistan is aware that it cannot win a direct war with India. Hence, it has been engaging with Islamic Terrorists in Kashmir to create internal problems.

Currentlh there is a new kind of war waged by Pakistan. They are trying to create unrest in India by creating troubles on ethnic, religious, regional and caste lines. There is a new video on a Facebook page called Counter Narrative where a girl with Mongolian looks burns down Indian flag, seek support from Pakistan for freeing Nagaland from India.

If you see other videos uploaded on the same page, you’ll find that the same girl appears as a Pakistani.

Most likely the girl belongs to hazara community and is presented as a Naga girl. Don’t do it. When you see such videos, just report the video and the page. This will help decrease the reach of the page, if not ban it. Do your part in fighting this information warfare.

So analyzing more such ISI sponsored pages, there is a pattern. There are several Facebook pages created in the name of Nagaland, Arunachal and other such states to promote culture.

These pages share random stuff from the web and other Facebook pages to portray themselves as a regular page.

But they also share stuff against India or stuff that invokes emotion against India. This creates a debate and ultimately creates a divide among the people.
The idea is simple. Pretend to be a voice of people and create rukus and divide in India. And that too from sitting in an office in Pakistan.

In the past as well there have been a few encounters with a couple of Khalistani and Dravidistan supporter pages. Turns out, they can’t understand Gurumukhi or Tamil scripts and yet they pretend to be Indians revolting against India.

Don’t know what RAW or interior ministry is doing about it but there are less hopes from them. Those idiots can do nothing to the people who openly abuse India in India, what can do to Pakistanis pretending as Indian on Facebook.

Jai Hind!!