The #Metoo movement and now the #TimesUp movement have become more of a witch hunt than that of a movement that encourages women to come out and share their experiences with sexual violations.

This is 2018 and its sad that we still have to push women to be confident and brave enough to be vocal about when and how they have been violated and sadly it’s turning into something ugly-very ugly. It’s no longer about encouraging victims at all (implying that it ever was but some participants believed it was) and more about getting back at men as revenge.

I said this in 2017- #Metoo movement is being or going be misused and just now I came across an interview that discussed this very thing after James Franco was accused of sexual molestation by 5 anonymous women from his acting school.

Women should always stand up for themselves and raise their voices against being violated but what is the definition of violations, really? That is the real question.
Many women who’ve come out have out as ‘victims’ have had consensual relationship with their ‘accusers’. Now this is all again the ‘its not rape if it’s your wife’ argument but consensually being in a relationship with a man who has, in the past abused you, doesn’t help your cause when you go out claiming to be raped.

That’s how ugly it is. It’s no longer about victims but basking in the sympathy and publicity at this point.

Author: Shruti Bhadra