Sensationalism and Publicity; at its nadir?

Recently Star Plus launched it’s comedy bandwagon The Great India Laughter Challenge again. Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar has been roped in as the judge and new age internet sensations Zakir Khan, Mallika Dua and Hussain Zafar had been roped in do don the hat of the mentors.

The show which was the pioneer of stand up comedy shows in India, couldn’t fetch numbers as expected this time. As a result, the makers decided to replace the mentors who though known faces in the world of internet were still debutants on TV. The new faces are known comedian and director Sajid Khan and actor Shreyas Talpade who has many a hit comedy movies under his belt.

Having said that, Akshay Kumar has found himself in middle of a soup due to some of his remarks on comedienne Mallika Dua during her stint in the show, supposedly made in jest. The actor is seen saying “Mallikaji aap ghanti bajao main aapko bajata hoon” in a video shared by Mallika’s father Vinod Dua on Facebook. Well, we all know the below the belt jokes and comments made by people in the name of comedy.

But the fact that Mallika decided to speak on it only after being ousted from the show raised quite of a few eyebrows. When her father tagged Star Plus to the video, the channel raised a few valid questions which the father-daughter duo couldn’t answer.

Asking why didn’t Mallika raise concerns on the remark right after it being made and rightfully so it has thrown Mallika herself in a shady light. The comedienne is rather notorious for her blatantly sexist and belittling jokes. She has made a fortune out of making adult jokes. She was also a part of the highly controversial AIB Roast Video which grabbed news for all the wrong reasons with FIRs being lodged against those involved. So her now feminist, rant against Akshay ideally holds no ground.

She did know the kind of content being peddled in the name of comedy and is herself one of those who peddle such content. This is probably a rant for being ousted from the show which was entirely the call of the creatives of the channel. She shouldn’t be crying foul for something she earns her own bread and butter from.

Akshay is yet to react on this.

(Source: India Times