Hindus are the most self destructive species on the earth, if a Hindu in India or in the world ever supports or votes for Congress. Hindus must bury Congress deep under the earth, if they ever want to survive and thrive. UPA Government not only coined the idea of ‘Hindu Terrorism that never existed, but it planted proofs and evidences to falsely implicate Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit.

How can Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh dare to release a book called “26/11 : RSS ki Sazish on Dec 6, 2010, even if it was crystal clear till then that 10 LeT dreaded terrorists had come from across the border? The book talks about the hand of RSS and Hindutva element behind 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Thank God Kasab was caught alive otherwise “theory of ‘Safforn Terrorism’ would have been grand success by UPA. Innermost gratitude and salute to Mumbai Police, Tukaram Omble, who sacrificed his life to catch Kasab alive, hence uncovered the conspiracy hatched by UPA.

At the time when Malegaon bomb blast case investigation was going on, Purohit was undergoing a course in Arabic language in the AEC (Army Education Corps) training College and Center at Panchmarhi in Madhya Pradesh. Purohit was deputed to the Intelligence Wing of the Indian Army after he suffered a serious knee injury during anti-terrorist operations in Kashmir. Hence, doctors advised him no serious physical activity. However, he remained professionally active since intelligence gathering is a continuous process.

Purohit had developed an effective intelligence network and was successful in putting together useful information about the infamous terror group, SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) and its links with Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI (Inter Services Intelligence). That is where Congress jumped in to save its ISI AAKAs and to give birth of non existent saffron terror.

Lt Col Purohit was given a Clean Chit in its Internal Court of Inquiry by Indian Army. He had also been hailed as one of the finest Military Intelligence Officers by several Veteran officers. Indian Army made it clear that Considering the internal checks and balances, it would have been impossible for Col Purohit to move RDX from such a Seizure. These truth were deliberately ignored by mainstream media.

Dawood Ibrahim executed 1993 serial bomb blast in Mumbai, Afzal Guru carried out Parliament attack. Kasab and co. created blood bath in Mumbai. However, Congress never found religion of Islamic terrorism. But, to prove a non existent ‘Safforn Terror’, Congress didn’t think twice to implicate a national hero “Colonel Shrikant Prasad Purohit.”

Dear Colonel Purohit, every Hindu Nationalist is profoundly grateful to your sacrifice. India owes it to you. Jai Hind.