According to “Human Right Activists” PEACE would be established when:

1. Our Army allows stone pelters to pelt stones at their chest to injure and maim its JAWANs. Because, when our ARMY retaliate stone pelters to protect themselves, “Human Right Activists” start beating chests like widows.

Meaning: Our SECURITY forces have no human rights, but stone pelters have full human rights.

2. According to Islamic leader Asaduddin Owaisi, every Kashmiri has a right to live free from fear, to reside in any part of India. Attack on Kashmiris are deplorable.

Meaning: CRPF Jawans have no right to travel in their bus free from fear. India should not even react when a Kashmiri youth rams 350 Kg RDX into a bus carrying CRPF Jawans blasting them into pieces.

3. So called liberal journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has opened his door and his heart for Kashmiri students.

Meaning: Sold out journalists never opened their hearts for those students whose fathers were blasted into pieces by terrorists. Heart and door of liberal journalist are open only for terrorists.

4. Another Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu said that “for a handful people, you cannot blame an entire nation.”

Meaning: Don’t blame Pakistan even if it keeps training bunch of terrorists every now and then, and keep sending them to butcher our security forces and our people into pieces.

5. Suicide bomber, Adil Ahmed Dar, clearly states in his video, “he would eliminate and wipe out cow urine drinking Hindus, because Hindus are KAAFIR (non believer). And KAAFIR must die. However, no secular and liberal ever mentioned it.

Meaning: Hindus must be SECULAR, even if Hindus are butchered by soldier of Muhammad.

Dear India, we have to fight another battle to free from such termites within our own border. Be ready to clean our nation.