Congress doesn’t advocate freedom of speech. Another journalist was killed in Congress ruled state Karnataka. Huge law and order issues have crippled Karnataka.

A leftist, naxal sympathiser, anti establishment, 55 years old journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead yesterday at her residence at Bangalore.

Some hard hitting questions for chest beating presstitutes oops journalists:

It is shocking to know how can protesters get ready just after minutes of her death with placards and posters? Did they see it coming?

Lankesh was working to expose corruption in Siddaramaiah government in Karnataka. She was contemplating a series of exposes on corrupt industrialists and politicians in Karnataka. She was silenced just after Karnataka minister Shivakumar was raided. Is that coincidence?

(Pic courtesy: TOI)

Naxalites have history of murdering their own people in case of strong differences. As her last tweets mentioned frustrating infighting among themselves, also she tried to pacify comrades. Commie eliminating commie is new?

In 2005 Lankesh’s younger brother Indrajit charged her that her sister’s pro Naxal stand was coming in the way of his news paper’s ideology. Later the sibling parted the ways.

(Pic courtesy: TNN)

It is clearly a law and order issue in the state of Karnataka. The rulling Government CM Siddaramaiah should take up the responsibility and resign over the Murder of Gauri Lankesh.