What Pseudo liberals want, when they shout “No War”

1. They want India to allow its 44 CRPF Jawans to be blasted into pieces, when Jaish E Muhammad terrorist rams more than 100 KG RDX into a bus carrying CRPF Jawans.

2. They want India to permit four heavily armed Pakistani Islamic terrorists to butcher our 19 soldiers in URI

3. They want the Pathankot Air Force Station to be blown into pieces peacefully by Jaish e Muhammad terrorists.

4. It doesn’t matter to them if India loses its 1 or 2 soldiers on daily basis in Kashmir. Human Rights are protected, when our soldiers are pelted stones. Human rights are violated, if Army men reacts to protect themselves.

5. Pseudo Liberals are absolutely at peace when there is blood bath on streets of our metropolitan cities, when Mumbaikars are blown into pieces while travelling in locals, when Delhiites are butchered shopping in their markets. Jehadi can attack our metropolis or any crowded city at their will.

Who Pseudo liberals protect, when they cry “No War.”

• They defend Pakistan’s terrorists who are trained to butcher our army and our innocent citizens.

• They protect terrorist organisation like Jaish E Muhammad, which blatantly takes responsibility of Pulwama terror attacks

What message liberals convey, when they rant “No War.”

• Dear India, you must die in terror attacks. Don’t strike back because TERRORISM must flourish and thrive.

Campaigners of “No War” are no one but accomplices of TERRORISTS.

Hypocrisy of pseudo liberals:

• When terrorists blow our innocent soldiers and our citizens, liberals demands to know: Where is 56”? Modi govt is spineless.

• When Modi conducts Air Strike: they sing in Chrous “No War.”

India must deal with such terrorists sympathisers strictly before it is too late, because they are the same termites who shamelessly stone pelters in valley.