There is some good news for our beloved foodies. One of the biggest and direct impact of the implementation of GST was the amount of argument that we were having with restaurant owners and the sourness it brought on our meal. Now, some wheels have started moving and goverment is in discussion to ease the GST on restaurant, by reducing one of the tax slabs.

To elaborate a little, there used to be 3 slabs of GST for restaurants 12% (for Non-AC establishments), 18% (for AC establishments) and 28%(for 5star restaurants). Well the point of current discussion in the GST council is to remove the 18% slab and keep a single 12% GST Tax for AC and Non AC restaurants.

However, there is no clarity about the 3rd slab of 28% as of now. However, the fact that GST for restaurants is being revisited is a good sign as well.